Creature in zbrush

creature in zbrush

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4r7 zbrush

Sea Creature Concept Sculpting - Ashley A. Adams \
The all-in-one digital sculpting solution Designed for the pursuit of art. For your first 3D model, let's sculpt a one-eyed funny / ugly creature. For this purpose we will work with different levels of Subdivision (which increase. NEW course by amaster scultptor, Tony Cipriano. In this Zbrush Tutorial learn from a master sculptor and toy designer.
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Consider adding some extra levels of subdivision to your model but take care to not add more levels than necessary! You can even use subfolders to create categories; Light Box will show these as well and let you browse between them. My idea behind it was to create a quadruped creature that would be a secondary character in a game or movie, I had a cow in mind.